Friday, 2 April 2010

How to get there

Wherever you live, with its five international airports (Heathrow, Stansted, Gatwick, London City and Luton) London is definitely one of the most easy to reach destinations. Particularly from European Countries, thanks to the low-cost carriers like Ryanair and Easyjet, it is possible, in fact, to fly to London at very affordable rates.
Of course, plenty of possibilities are also available to you if you’d prefer to fly by a flag carrier, enjoying a higher level of comfort and service. After all, even flag carriers are proposing today very good flight offers and, very often, also very good “flight + accommodation” offers, making flying with flag carriers quite affordable and enjoyable.
Should you decide to fly Ryanair, Easyjet or another low-cost/no-frills airline, consider that just the “basic price” of your flight is actually low. Should you carry one or more items of luggage, should you subscribe an additional insurance online, should you like to board before other passengers (buying a priority board option) and should you use to buy snacks and drinks during your flights, you should seriously better consider to take a look at your national flag carrier in order to compare prices, before booking your flight with a low-cost carrier.
Moreover, be aware that low-cost carriers are used to charge you administrative costs, namely an additional fee for paying your ticket with a credit card. This fee can be avoided only if you use a pre-paid credit card. In particular, Ryanair won’t be charge you any additional fees only if you use a pre-paid MasterCard, whilst Easyjet won’t charge you any additional fees both if you’ll buy your ticket by a MasterCard or a Visa card.
Within the EU area London can also be easily reached by high speed trains: the TGV (Train à Grand Vitesse), for instance, links London St. Pancras to Paris, whilst Eurostar trains are linking, for instance, London to Rome, Milan, Brussels and other European cities.